Who is Cupboards Express?

What Makes Us Different?

Delton Cabinets, a custom cabinet manufacturer since 1958, is pleased to announce our new line of express budget cabinets: Cupboards Express!

Cupboards Express offers a fully assembled line of bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets and closets with over 350 different choices ready to go in 2 weeks.

Although our cabinets are very inexpensive, the quality of our box construction and hand wiped finishes is demonstrably better than what you will find in most low price cabinets. We invite you to compare our quality and prices with Home Depot©, Rona©, Lowes©, Ikea© or any other big box bargain store.

While most cupboard companies base their manufacturing operations wherever they can find the cheapest labour, Cupboards Express and Delton Cabinets have reaffirmed their commitment to the city of Edmonton by investing in a new manufacturing facility. Not only will you be supporting the local economy by buying Cupboards Express cabinets, but you will also benefit from one of the world’s most efficient and well trained work forces. The result is better, faster service and higher quality. Delton Cabinets has been manufacturing cupboards in Edmonton since 1958.


Best Price

If you’re on a budget and willing to take on some of the design and installation work, this is the line for you! If you’re shopping around, you’ll find our pricing offers a value than cannot be beat by the big boys of the cabinet world including everyone’s favourite Swedish store.

Huge Selection Quick

You can pick from one of our quick ship door styles with some being available as early as the next business day or choose from more than 400 door styles/colours ready for you in 2 weeks. If we don’t have the size you need, most stock cabinets can be quickly cut down in our shop to whatever special size you require.

Fully Assembled

It takes most people 2 hours to put together one flat pack knock down cabinet. Multiply that by 20 cabinets in the average kitchen and you can see how much time you save by purchasing fully assembled cabinets. You also avoid the hassle of missing parts, confusing ordering and all that packing material. And your cabinets are stronger because they’re put together with professional equipment and fasteners

Robust Construction

Your Cupboards Express cabinet boxes feature the same dowelled 5/8” G2S Eastern Core Melamine used in the Delton premium line. This includes the cabinet backs, drawer bottoms and base top rails where most companies use flimsy materials. Your cabinet and drawer boxes will be the strongest in class.


Custom Features

Soft close full extension drawer slides and full depth adjustable shelves are standard equipment at Cupboards Express. You can then choose from a buffet of cabinet accessories, all at very reasonable prices. If you want to “jazz up” your cupboards even more, you can dip into the Delton premium line where the possibilities are endless. Though lead times may be longer on custom items, if it's woodwork, Delton can make it!

High-End Finishes

What you won’t find at Cupboards Express are the typical poly vinyl chloride shrink wrap (PVC foil) doors or machine spray-stained wood doors that are the mainstay of most large cabinet companies. What you will find are durable melamine laminate doors, true lacquered doors and traditional hand wiped finishes on wood doors.

Of particular note are the hand wiped penetrating stains that highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain – a feature usually only found on elite cabinet lines. Not only are your Cupboards Express finishes environmentally sustainable, they are also unrivalled in durability and beauty.

Support Services

Even though Cupboards Express is a Do-It-Yourself line of cabinets, in-shop services such as design help, install advice, and panel cutting are always free. If you need even more help, you can hire measure, delivery and installation services through Cupboards Express.


Customized cabinets, hood boxes, and accessories of all types can be made to match your cupboards. Although lead times will be longer on custom items, when it comes to woodwork, we can make almost anything!


For warranty or touch-up service, just drop off your cabinets at our convenient North Edmonton location. All work is performed right here for quick turnaround times!