Frequently Asked Questions


Want to start your project but don’t know where to start? Not to worry as these questions were asked from people like you, for people like you!


01. How long does it take to receive my cabinets?

All standard cabinets can be made in 2 weeks! Any additional modifications to both the cabinets or select door styles will require more lead time.

02. Are soft close hinges or drawers included?

Yes! These popular features come standard in every order.

03. Can I get someone to come out and measure for me?

We unfortunately do not offer this service but we have a great walk through to help you through it!

04. How are your cabinets constructed?

All our cabinets are constructed with 5/8 inch melamine, they are dowelled, glued and screwed together with a full solid back. Where all manufacturing is done in our north Edmonton location.


05. Do you offer design assistance?

Yes, our sales representatives can work with you to plan your kitchen with the measurements you provide.

06. What is your warranty?

Cabinets are protected from manufacturing defects for 5 years. Additionally, we offer a 5 year, no fault touch-up and repair service to repair minor damage!

07. Do I have to assemble the cabinets?

All our cabinets come fully assembled and ready for easy installation.

08. Are the cabinet sides finished?

No, we use plant on side panels for any exposed cabinet sides to ensure a consistent look for your new cabinetry.

After Bathroom.jpg

09. After measuring, my cabinets require some customization, do you offer these services?

We certainly can make modifications to the width, depth, and height of our cabinetry. As we are a part of Delton Cabinets, we have full range on the customization we can provide to our customers.

10. What makes your different from IKEA, Home Depot, Lowes, and the other big box stores?

  • Well for starters all our cabinetry comes fully assembled from out North Edmonton manufacturing facility

  • We offer over 350 different door styles & colours to ensure your cabinets are exactly what you want.

  • You do not have to stick to set sizes - we understand every space is different and altercations can be made at a nominal cost.

11. Oops, I measured wrong. Now what?

Not to worry, we all make mistakes sometimes! We will help walk you through the measuring process and any alterations can be made in our Edmonton manufacturing facility. A Restocking fee will apply but we will work with you to complete your project!


Measure Your Space Checklist!

Be sure to Measure all wall lengths and angles.

  1. Measure ceiling height and bulkheads.

  2. Measure location and size of doors/door trim and windows/window trim.

  3. Measure plumbing and decide where to locate the centre of your sink.

  4. Measure the sizes of your appliances and note where they are located on the layout.

  5. Note location of plugs, light switches, ventilation, gas lines, and heating ducts.

  6. It would be a good idea to take pictures of your space.

  7. Note location of lights (cabinet doors may bump into lights when opening).

  8. If you are covering existing flooring, be sure to note floor measurements of existing cabinets.

  9. Be aware of all entrances required to deliver and install cabinetry.

  10. Remember, you can also search the web to find lots of information and tips on measuring your space.


Design Your Space

At least 36” clearance is best between island and base cabinets.

  1. Pantries must be at least 18” away from any burners. Allow 18” between countertop and the underside of the upper cabinets.

  2. Accommodate the thickness of 5/8” applied finished panels in layout.

  3. Flush inset appliances, apron sinks, and appliances installed within cabinets are sometimes tricky and may require customization.

  4. Be very aware of the placement of appliances (review specifications) and how they will interact with the space and cabinets around them. (Example: Depths and door swings)

  5. Usually, the dishwasher is situated beside the sink cabinet.

  6. Counter supports may be required on 12”+ counter overhangs.

  7. When placing a cabinet beside a wall, allow for 1” filler.

  8. Bring in samples to help with your selections. It is very difficult to remember colours properly.

  9. Remember, you can also search the web to find lots of information and tips on designing your space.


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